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PINK FLOYD - BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE - May 9th, 1970 at the Terrace Ballroom in Salt Lake City, Utah - This concert took place during PINK FLOYD's third U.S. Tour - First (only) Printing Concert Poster from the pre-concert print run of 500 (fully warranteed) - 25 3/4" x 18 1/4" - Deep purplish blue and red on thick white index stock - Intricate, fine line (engraving like black ink technique) illustration of Conan the Barbarian battle scene in large oval at center of poster, surrounded by rope like lettering, small Mickey type mouse character at top edge of poster. Great artwork and design by Rob Brown (see his "Dragon World" hardbound book,  published by BrownTrout Publishers in 2005, which features 65 full color, illuminated, creative / unique Dragon paintings forged over a decade) HAND SIGNED, in black felt tip pen, by him in 1988, unobtrusively in the lower right corner (approximately 90, the remaining stash of posters were signed at that time) - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine B/B+ to B+ Condition - Inquire for Availability / Current Price

Also have a Pristine copy of the original blank back card/handbill featuring the same illustration & colors - First/Only Printing Concert Handbill - 6 3/8" x 4 15/32" - Ultra Mega Rare - Inquire for Availability and Current Price

Image of the handbill, actual fine line ink work on the card is not clearly visible in this scan, though since the image is much smaller, the scan muddies the detail:

Full view of the entire poster (background deep blue color is solid on the poster itself, these photos were taken outside with bright light, so some of the shading differences are an artifact of poor lighting. The poster's corners are covered by rocks and are not torn.):

Top center cartoon image featuring a Mickey Mouse type character:

Top of fine line illustration:

Bottom area of fine line illustration:

Hand signature by the artist, Rob Brown, in felt tip at lower right corner:

Close-up of top part of Barbarian illustration (fine line artwork is a bit more evident in this view):



PINK FLOYD - "MORE THAN A MOVIE!  AN EXPLOSIVE CINEMA CONCERT!" - Original Issue Movie Poster - 42" x 27" -  "An R.M. Production directed by Adrian Maiben" - Black and white on thick paper stock - My copies had been stored in a roll - Minor handling blemishes - Original issue, unfolded posters for this movie are Ultra Rare these days! - Pristine B+/A- condition - Inquire for Availability and Current Price

Click on the link below to view a smaller, in focus digital photo of this poster:

Full view of the poster, larger image:

Close-up of the faces of the band members and "PINK FLOYD" lettering at the bottom of the poster:

Close-up of the high contrast photo of Pink Floyd playing in concert on stage in the middle of the poster:



PINK FLOYD - Movie Opening of THE VALLEY May 18, 1973 in Portland Oregon at 5th Avenue Cinema - Pink Floyd music credit on handbill (and movie poster) - First/Only printing Movie Opening Handbill - 8 1/2" x 11" - Horizontal handbill printed in light blue on white with related text on backside features the artwork from the movie poster with the nude woman's shape / profile in the background, etc. - I've only seen four copies of the handbill in the 9+ years I spent extensively searching for concert posters and handbills in the Portland area - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine B+ condition - SOLD / OUT OF STOCK

View of the front side of THE VALLEY handbill:

Back side view of THE VALLEY handbill:



PINK FLOYD - THE INCREDIBLE FISH - THE COLLECTORS - SOPWITH CAMEL - October 30, 1967 at the Fillmore Auditorium (SF) - KPFA Benefit / Halloween Costume Ball event - First printing Concert handbill - First/Only Printing Concert Handbill - 5 1/2" x 7 5/8" - Red printing on white paper - See THE ART OF ROCK, page 152, plate 2.79 for the poster image, printed as a two color image - Rare - Pristine B+/A- condition - Inquire for Availability & Price



PINK FLOYD / THE WALL - 1979 - 40" x 33" -Large promotional poster, original issue to promote LP release - Features cartoon artwork by Gerald Searle with the bare breasted figure in front of "The Wall" motif & hand lettering - 6 clean staple holes and tack holes, minor bends - Ultra Rare - Beautiful B+ copy - SOLD / OUT OF STOCK

Please post all 9 in the new Pink Floyd folder:

Full view of the poster:

Close-up view of the upper left corner:

Close-up view of the upper right corner:

Close-up view of the lower right corner:

Close-up view of the lower left corner:

Close-up view of the central cartoon character created by Gerald Scarfe:

Close-up horizontal view of the central cartoon character created by Gerald Scarfe:

Close-up view of the hand created lettering at the bottom of the poster:

Close-up view of the bottom edge, revealing the extremely light foxing:



PINK FLOYD - LEE MICHAELS and CLEAR LIGHT - October 26-28, 1967 at Fillmore Auditorium - First/Only Printing Concert Handbill on Card Stock - BG-90-PC-B in the Bill Graham / Fillmore series,  a blank back postcard - See THE ART OF ROCK or THE ART OF THE FILLMORE coffee table books for full color images of this item or click on the image link below - Pristine A- condition - Inquire for Current Price & Availability

Medium size, full view of the handbill front side:

Full view of the black background BG-90 handbill featuring an illustration of the man with the paisley design shirt at the right side:

Close-up of the lettering to the left of the figure with the multi-colored shirt



BG-91-PC-A     PINK FLOYD - BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY - RICHIE HAVENS - Nov 2-4, 1967 at Fillmore Auditorium - First Printing Concert Handbill printed on card stock with postcard back side - 4 31/64" x 6 15/16" - Artwork by Bonnie MacLean - See THE ART OF ROCK or ART OF THE FILLMORE coffee table books for full color images of this item - Pristine A/A- to A- condition - 35.00

Full view of the handbill with the three women below the arched ceiling:

Close-up of the lettering at the top of the handbill with the arched ceiling:



BG-92-PC-A     PROCOL HARUM - PINK FLOYD - H.P. LOVECRAFT - Nov 9-11, 1967 at Fillmore Auditorium & Winterland - First Printing Concert Handbill printed on card stock with postcard back side - 4 31/64" x 6 23/32" - Artwork by Nicholas Kouninos - See THE ART OF ROCK or THE ART OF THE FILLMORE for full color images of this item -Pristine A/A- to A- condition - Inquire for Availability & Current Price

Full view of the handbill with the red background & wizard illustration at the right side:

Close-up of the lettering at the top of the wizard handbill with the red background:



PINK FLOYD / Paper handbill for Bill Graham Presents shows - Sept 23-24, 1972 Winterland show with Pink Floyd at the top of this multi-concert listing that includes lots of other bands which played on other dates at various venues, including ELTON JOHN - CAT STEVENS - T-REX - POCO - HOT TUNA - GEORGE CARLIN -SAVOY BROWN - STONEGROUND - JOE COCKER - MARK-ALMOND - JOHN MAYALL - ALBERT KING - JAMES GANG - DOOBIE BROS. - SHA NA NA - LIGHTHOUSE - GORDON LIGHTFOOT - URIAH HEEP - PERSUASIONS -FRAMPTON'S CAMEL (w/ PETER FRAMPTON ) etc. - First/Only Printing Concert Handbill - 6" x "9" - Features R. Tuten hand lettering of bands' names, venues (mostly WINTERLAND and BERKELEY COMMUNITY CENTER shows), etc. - Has a little writing on backside, a few bends, along with a few light stains, has been folded in 1/2 at one point, as well as a tape peel on the blank  backside -  Uncommon/Scarce - Nice B/B- to B- Condition - Inquire for Availability & Current Price

Bill Graham Presents 1972 handbill, featuring a listing for the September 23 & 24 Pink Floyd Winterland concert:



PINK FLOYD - ANIMALS - Tourbook 28 pages - Published by Brockum Int'l, N.Y.. in 1977, original printing - 9 5/8" x 13"-  Features full color photos along with some black and white photos - Beautiful B+ shape (a few bends at spine etc.) - 93.00



The following photos were taken of the copy I currently have for sale:

Full view of the front cover of the Animals Tourbook featuring the full color photo of the pigs flying over the factory:

Full view of the back cover the Animals Tourbook:

Close-up of the lower left corner of the front cover bends near the spine:

Close-up of the lower right corner area of the back cover bends near spine:



PINK FLOYD - 1969 ? (possibly 1970) ITALIAN - EMI Promotional poster - Original EMI release issue, Printed by Litouric-Milano (name printed at lower left corner of poster) - 17 9/16" x 22 3/8" - Blue and black background with magenta Floyd lettering - Features face in foreground with blue, black and flesh colors with series of nude figures in a semi-circle in his hair etc. - Minor handling blemishes, 1/4" clean rip at lower right edge and top right edge, diagonal bend at upper right corner, light handling bends at lower right edge, light discoloration at upper left margin edge (difficult to spot, easily matted out when framed) and very light toning (aging in the paper) evident on the back side - I've only seen three or four copies of this item in over 40 years! - Ultra Mega Rare - Beautiful B/B+ to B+ condition! - Inquire for Availability & Current Price

The full view photo below had too much light, the colors look better on the poster itself - (click below for image):

Full view of the poster taken outside on a bright day (colors are more vivid on the actual poster, the border is a flesh color, as are the figures in the imagery):

Close-up of central imagery of nude woman:

Close-up of bottom right corner, with EMI logo:

Close-up of upper right corner with tiny rip:

Close-up of upper left corner:

Close-up of lower left corner:



PINK FLOYD - FANTASTIC ANIMATION FESTIVAL - June 8, 1975, 1976 or 1977 (released to theaters in 1975) at 5th Avenue Theatre in Portland, Oregon (Theatre name & June 8 is imprinted in black offset lettering in small, white, blank rectangular strip on front cover at bottom of image - Original / First Printing Program - 6 1/64" x 8 7/32" - Front cover features blazing full color imagery of gigantic waterfall/torrent/exhaust pouring out of middle of orange saucer like craft with sunrise colors in background along with deep space, small square "eye" like symmetrical image in box below - 4 page program printed on slick stock with black and white program info which features a panel from each animated feature in the festival, along with the length of each in minutes, and credits - PINK FLOYD's music was used in the first feature listed, FRENCH WINDOWS , made by Ian Emes of England, which was awarded the Gold Award at the Atlanta Film Festival - Other features include MOONSHADOW produced & with music by CAT STEVENS - BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA created by Mary Newland, AWARD WINNING COMMERCIALS which included creative artwork & video production by Richard Taylor on a 7-UP Commercial from the period - MOUNTAIN MUSIC by Will Vinton -  CLOSED MONDAYS by Portland's Bob Gardiner (RIP) and Will Vinton - etc. - Back cover features full color poster  images of front cover illustration, one of which lists "Music by PINK FLOYD " at the bottom, along with an order blank - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A/A- shape - 35.00




* Add $22.00 to $27.00 for shipping on an order of poster(s) (with or without handbills) for Priority Mail / Insurance / Strong tube / quality protective care packing / post office mailing / etc. - Call for a Priority Mail quote for your location.

* Add $25.00 for Registered Priority Mail / Insured delivery (Includes sturdy condition protecting packing / Strong Tube etc.

* Add $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day delivery (Quicker, more predictable these days!) - Call for UPS Shipping Charges, which are changing due to shifting fuel surcharges.

* Add $11.75 for an order of handbill(s), or other non-poster items, or $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day Air delivery (more predictable delivery time) - Please call for UPS quote to your location.

* Foreign Orders, Alaska and Hawaii - Please call for a shipping quote / rate to your location.


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