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LED ZEPPELIN Ultra Rare Spring 1970 Original Artwork & Concert Poster Set 




Above full color 1970 Indianapolis, IN Led Zeppelin Concert Poster Uncut Artist's / Printer's proof sheet described below 



To become aquainted with Psychedelic Concert Poster Artiste' Extraordaire Catherine E. Weinstein's notorious & infamous biography, concert poster background & impact on the Pacific Northwest 1960's and 1970's psychedelic concert poster scene, one may wish to browse the following links, which also feature more of her incredible & innovative, concert poster artworks.  The links below contain most of the original Thunderbitch Exhibit Catalog, which was published in paperback form in 2010, as an exhibit catalog to augment the "Highly" successful  / well attended Thunderbitch Art Exhibit held at the Tether Gallery in Seattle, which also celebrated a plethora of other female concert poster designers in the Pacific Northwest from the 1960's through 2010.  



The exhibit was titled "THUNDERBITCH" to honor Ms. Weinstein's psychedelic visionary, trail blazing & tumultuous life, since she used the name as her aka on many of her concert posters, the same name she had bestowed on her mid 1960's rally race car, and she had also painted "THUNDERBITCH" onto her race car helmet, previous to her entering the domain of prodigious Pacific Northwest late 60's psychedelic concert poster artists. 


As you may, or may not, already know, Ms Weinstein's concert poster artwork for the Portland Memorial Coliseum show "An Evening with Led Zeppelin" on March 23, 1970, was also used for at least two additional venues, one hosted by radio station WIFE for Led Zeppelin's Indianapolis, Indiana concert on April 4, 1970 at The Coliseum (see full color photo at the top of this page), although I have yet to identify the third concert venue her Led Zeppelin poster artwork was utilized for.  
lus shipping via Registered Insured Mail delivery (the set would need to be shipped flat, quality packed to insure current condition prote

lightly different format of the museum exhibit catalog
This UNIQUE & ONE-OF-A-KIND set of related LED ZEPPELIN items, which I acquired directly from Ms. Weinstein's archive & estate following her untimely demise in early 2003, an immaculate provenance, is currently available for inquire plus USPS Registered Priority Insured Mail delivery (VERY secure handling and tracking) and includes all of the items listed below:
LED ZEPPELIN - KISN presents"An Evening with LED ZEPPELIN" - March, 1970 at Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon - Original Artwork by the late, great, Catherine E. Weinstein - Hand applied black ink on frosted mylar sheet, features the completed poster artwork which would function as the black line for the final concert poster printing process - 16 31/32" x 22 1/2" - Features the completed high contrast illustrations of the faces of the four Led Zeppelin musicians arranged symmetrically inside a mandala shape in the middle of the poster with "An Evening with Led Zeppelin" lettering above and the venue info below, along with the ticket out info (see photo below) - This sheet also features Ms Weinstein's artist credit, hand signed in black ink along the lower right margin, with "Corberry Press" listed alongside her name (at least both the Portland concert poster, and the Indianapolis poster were printed at this famed Portland print shop owned by Mr. Corberry, who literally wore out his presses printing multiple color concert posters by Bruce Weber, Catherine Weinstein, Dorc, Jim Blashfield, and other local Portland concert poster artists who created Springer's, Beaver Hall, Charix and other Portland venue posters) - Ms. Weinstein's hand signed posters are incredibly scarce, since she had not participated in signing sessions typical of the S.F. Bay Area artists, etc. - SEE PHOTO BELOW - More photos available on request to potential buyer(s).
Mylar sheets preserve hand applied ink artwork far longer than the same inked artwork would survive on paper or board stock (Source:  GORDON MCCLELLAND, author of the first RICK GRIFFIN book, printer and Rick's former partner in the early 1970's at California Graphix Exchange. 
**Also included are another seven (7) hand applied black ink on 17" x 21 7/8" frosted mylar sheet overlays / color separation sheets (if you are potentially interested in purchasing this set, I will e-mail the plethora of photos of these sheets your way), hand inked by Ms. Weinstein which allowed for the use of very intense / vivid and vibrant colors on the final version of the poster for the various venues which utilized her Led Zeppelin concert poster artwork  - I will e-mail a series of photos your way if you are potentially interested in purchasing this set, so you can get a clear idea of the amount of her hand inked artwork on each sheet.
**WIFE Presents "An Evening with LED ZEPPELIN" in Indianapolis Indiana - April 4, 1970 - First / Only Printing Concert Poster Uncut Artist's / Printer's Proof Sheet - Uncut, finished Printer's Proof sheet  / Artist's Proof Sheet - 16" 31/32" x 22 1/64" - Actual printed color poster area is 15 5/16" x 20 5/16", from the printer's registration hasch mark (one at each corner, printed faintly in black ink) to printer's registration hasch mark, etc. - Artwork by the late Catherine E. Weinstein (RIP in February of 2003, exactly on her 60th birthday), one of the top seven (7) Pacific Northwest Concert Poster artists of the 60s and 70s and a technical artist for her entire career - Minor blemishes, a few extremely mild & light handling bends can be seen from the right angle, under sufficient light (I can forward closeup photos if you are potentially interested in purchasing this unique set) will describe in detail if interested - Only copy of this poster I've seen or heard of thus far, this item was among the artist's portfolio of items surviving the artist as part of her estate, which I acquired from her estate executor in 2003, her soul mate for the last few decades of her life, Blackwell Arendale - One of the many Led Zeppelin collectors I've communicated with over the past 14 year or so claimed that there is a Zep collector that owns a copy of this concert poster (not an Uncut proof sheet), although I have not been able to confirm this assertion thus far - Most likely a ONE-OF-A-KIND, fully completed concert poster artist's / printer's proof sheet for this concert date! - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A- / B+ to B+ condition - SEEE FULL COLOR PHOTO of the concert poster proof sheet near the top of this page.  I will forward closeup photos of the poster if you are potentially interested in purchasing this set. - To get a simulation of the potential value of this uncut poster sheet along, it's worth noting that seldom seen, ultra mega rare LED ZEPPELIN concert posters have been fetching between 12k to 18.5k (including 10% buyer's / premium fees) in recent auctions in 2018 & 2019. 
**One (1) approximately 10 1/4" x 9 9/16" (not evenly cut, see photo) frosted mylar sheet featuring Ms Weinstein's hand applied black ink artwork of the faces of the four Led Zeppelin musicians which was used as a preliminary ink study to transfer over to the final version of the original artwork (see scan, below):
**One (1) approximately 10 7/16" x 4 3/4" (unevenly cut, see photo) frosted mylar sheet featuring the hand applied black ink final version of the date, time and "AT THE COLISEUM" lettering which was prepared by Ms. Weinstein in order for Corberry Press to also print the same Led Zeppelin concert poster for the Indianapolis, Indiana venue (see scan)
**One (1) approximately 4 7/8" x 7 47/64" frosted mylar sheet featuring hand applied black ink rendering of the WIFE logo which appeared on the Indianapolis Led Zeppelin concert poster by Ms. Weinstein (see scan)
**One (1) black line printer's film / printmaker's film / mylar sheet shot from the final version of the original artwork illustration (described above) is also included with the original work, as well as 5 pencil / partially inked pencil studies / sketches created during the development of the finished poster artwork - (See photo below this line)





This blackline printer's positive film sheet was mounted, by Catherine, with tape on the blank back side of one of her very popular "Hippy Hippo" Portland Zoo Springer's Ballroom ultra scarce "blue color only" printer's / artist's proof sheets.  The film contains no original inkwork, and was used by Corberry Press in Portland to print the final concert poster from.  Sometimes these plastic sheets are referred to as Printmaker's Film, Platemaker's Film or Printing Film.  They are a ONE-OF-A-KIND culmination produced directly from the artist's completed artwork, as you most likely are already aware.



The following definition, extracted from an auction run by Jim Northrup of, may prove informative regarding the role of the printer's film in producing a concert poster back in that era:


"The printing film was placed on a chemically covered plate, and the image was "burned" to the plate with a bright flash of light.  This created the plate image that printed the posters."



Value of printing plates and printing films vary widely, depending on how attractive the groups, artwork, age, and venues to potential buyers who appear to bid in that particular auction, etc..   A Youngbloods Wes Wilson BG-24 Fillmore printing plate brought over 4k in an auction several years ago, although that is the highest price for a plate I've seen thus far.



**KISN PRESENTS AN EVENING WITH LED ZEPPELIN - March 23, 1970 at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon - First / Only Printing Concert Handbill - 6 1/16" x 8 1/2" - Red offset printing on goldenrod paper - Artwork by the late, great Catherine E. Weinstein (aka "Thunderbitch, see for a bio of her tumultuous life as a seminal female sixties poster artist in the Pacific Northwest) features four drawn faces of the four members of Led Zeppelin at the center, with hand wrought lettering style above and below, surrounded by a creative border - The same concert poster artwork was used for the concert posters in at least three cities along the tour route in 1970 - 5/8" bend at upper left corner in the margin area, extremely light (difficult to spot) faint hint of a 1 3/8" bend at the lower right corner in the margin area only (very difficult to spot), very light mild 1 1/4" bend at lower left corner in the margin area only, along with a few smaller corner bends below it, barely seen arcing, light stain in the margin at the center of the left side - I've seen six (6) copies in the 9+ years I searched extensively for concert posters and handbills in the Portland area, as well as during the past 20 years of monitoring a plethora of concert poster auctions! - This copy came directly from Ms. Weinstein's archive following her demise in early 2003 - (See scan of front side of the handbill below, back side scan available on request)





The above described original artwork set also includes the following developmental preliminary pencil studies / roughs / sketches Ms. Weinstein created prior to her final version of the poster artwork:
**One (1) Very early horizontal, preliminary pencil study / sketch / rough on extremely thin, artist's graph tracing paper - 11" x 17 1/32" - Features the "LED ZEPPELIN" lettering (an earlier incarnation only) along with two small conceptual imagery / layout ideas Ms. Weinstein was playing with at the early stages of the project (see above scan)
**One (1) Very early horizontal, preliminary pencil study / sketch / fought on extremely thin, artist's graph tracing paper - Approximately 9 1//8" x 14 5/8" (unevenly cut sheet) -  Features an early incarnation of Ms. Weinstein's concept of a Zeppelin, with futuristic looking tail fins, flames emerging from the propulsion system below (see scan posted just above this description)
**One (1) Very early, horizontal, preliminary pencil study / sketch / rough on extremely thin, artist's graph tracing paper - 11" x 17 1/16" - Features a "Zeppelin" hot air balloon  with tail fins, etc., with an "eye" drawn onto the carriage below the balloon part of the craft (see scan posted immediately above this description)
**One (1) 3 3/16" x 11 11/16" (approximately, uneven, see photo) strip of extremely thin, artist's graph tracing paper featuring pencil studies of the venue date and arena for the Portland version of the Led Zeppelin concert poster (see scan)
**One (1) approximately 9" x 12" (unevenly cut, see photo) white paper sheet with two thin strips of extremely thin, artist's graph tracing paper featuring the preliminary pencil studies for the Indianapolis venue time and arena (see scan)
**LED ZEPPELIN - TOUR PHOTO - Late 60's (1968 or 1969?) black & white glossy Tour Promotional Photo - Features ATLANTIC RECORDS credit along with a Premier Talent Associates, N.Y. credit at lower right edge in the white margin area below the photo - Original issue Tour Photo - 8 3/32" x 10" - A horizontal, black and white, posed, glossy photo of the four band members sitting alongside each other - This photo also came from the archives of the the late, great Catherine E. Weinstein (aka "Thunderbitch, see for a bio of her tumultuous life as a seminal female sixties & seventies poster artist in the Pacific Northwest), which was one of two photos she was considering using to model the artwork of her hallmark Led Zeppelin concert poster from, though she chose to utilize the other photo as her source material - Minor handling dings and a couple of extremely light bends in the photo area which are difficult to see at all, except under light at the right angle, 5/8" crease at upper left corner in the white margin area - Would look great in a frame as is! - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine B/B+ to B+ condition (See Above Scan)
**LED ZEPPELIN - TOUR PHOTO - Late 60's (1968 or 1969?) black & white, glossy, vertical posed Tour Photo - Features credit for Premier Talent Associates, N.Y. at lower right edge in the white margin area below the photo - Original issue Promotional Tour Photo - 8 1/8" x 10" - This photo was used by the late, great Catherine E. Weinstein (aka "Thunderbitch, see for a bio of her tumultuous life as a seminal female sixties poster artist in the Pacific Northwest) to model the faces for her beautiful 1970 Led Zeppelin concert poster artwork, which was used in at least three cities along the tour route), with her hand written notes for the printer appearing lightly in pencil on the back side - Unobtrusive, tiny 1/8" diameter brown stain in the background at the lower right side near the white border surrounding the photo (to the right of Robert Plant's arm), a few minor, light, small handling bends which do not crack the surface of the front side (thus difficult to see except from an angle under some light) from general handling - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine B/B+ to B+ condition - (See Scan Posted Above)
**Two (2) photostats of the promotional photo featuring the four Led Zeppelin musicians, which was used to assist Catherine's portraits of the group for the final concert poster - Each sheet is approximately 10 1/4" x 13 1/8" - Catherine hand applied the stray black ink on the stat (Scans available on request)
**One (1) small notepad sheet with the WIFE logo taped onto it, along with the venue info and the delivery address for the Indianapolis LED ZEPPELIN posters after they were printed at Corberry Press (Scan posted below this line):
*****Since I also purchased the artist's copyright / reproduction rights & authorizations for this poster artwork from Ms. Weinstein's estate in 2003, it is also included with the set, as an added bonus.   If one wanted to reprint either the Portland, Oregon version of her Led Zeppelin poster or the Indianapolis, IA version as a limited serigraph / silkscreen print or poster, T-Shirts, and other commercial applications, one would still have to satisfy the requirements of LED ZEPPELIN'S commercial management, since I do not own their approval for reprint projects. 



* Add $22.00 to $27.00 for shipping on an order of poster(s) (with or without handbills) for Priority Mail / Insurance / Strong tube / quality protective care packing / post office mailing / etc. - Call for a Priority Mail quote for your location.

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* Add $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day delivery (Quicker, more predictable these days!) - Call for UPS Shipping Charges, which are changing due to shifting fuel surcharges.

* Add $11.75 for an order of handbill(s), or other non-poster items, or $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day Air delivery (more predictable delivery time) - Please call for UPS quote to your location.

* Foreign Orders, Alaska and Hawaii - Please call for a shipping quote / rate to your location.


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