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CHICAGO / RIVER Sun. March 15, 1970 at Springer's in Portland Oregon - First / Only Printing concert poster press sheet (Uncut / untrimmedposter) - 22 3/8" x 17 1/2" (includes the untrimmed margin area, actualposter is slightly smaller) - Press sheet from an original Chicagoconcert poster which is an untrimmed concert poster that was run through the presses before they adjusted the printing into being on registration so it's printing is off center and about 1/2" out of registration -Features the Chicago logo above a great illustration of a telephone pole with transformers and incoming wires, the sun shining through in the blue sky above it, etc. in four colors, red-orange, yellow, blue green and black - The light green paper used for this off register press sheetwas different than that used for the actual concert posters that were trimmed and distributed, since it was a test pressing -The backside of the sheet has an incomplete one color run of another Portland, Oregon concert poster for the Animals, the Seeds and a local Portland band, The Outer Edge on March 19, 1970 (psychedelic handlettering overlay only, no center piece artwork was printed on this test run) - I've only seen three copies of this version of the seldom seen concert poster in the 9+ years I extensively hunted for concert posters and handbills in the Portland area! - Lower right hand corner area has a 2" inch bend which does not flake color and is very difficult to see except when examine within a few inches of the surface at an angle, couple of minor dings / blemishes - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A- / B+condition - Inquire for Current Price / Availability



CHICAGO - ORK "The best from CHICAGO for instrumental combos" Guitar /Vocal ("Playable with 1st Bb Trumpet and rhythm up to full combo instrumentation & adaptable as vocal arrangements") 12 page music book, with lyrics, published by Charles Hansen Music and Books, N.Y. No copyright date, possibly published in 1971 or 1972 after the original LP, Chicago II, was released. (Price of the publication was 1.00, so it must have been an early '70's publication) - 10 15/16" x 8 7/16" - 8 songs + polished metal looking cover with CHICAGO logo (also polished grey metal appearance) and tune titles in black cursive typesetting -Tape peel at upper right corner of front cover, a few handling bends,small amount of color flaking at bottom right edge / corner, another very tiny tape peel at right edge. Not bad shape overall, B / B+ - UltraMega Rare - 45.00



CHICAGO "MADE EASY FOR ORGAN" 1976 Columbia Pictures Publication P0194EOX - 40 page music / lyrics booklet, 8 15/16" x 11 27/32",features small photo of each of the 8 members' heads (on stage) againstblack background color of front cover, with white band logo above (same image is on back cover). Large stage photo of the band on the inside front cover and inside back cover has 8 high contrast photos of the group's heads from a different angle in burgundy / brown color with logo in white. 12 songs charted - General wear on front and backcover blackcolor, a few bends, still tight at binding (staples) - Ultra Mega Rare -Nice B/B+ copy - 35.00


CHICAGO VIII � Piano, vocal, organ, guitar � 1976 Columbia Pictures Publications booklet features full color "Cardinal" logo with CHICAGO logo in green with yellow border and red bird design, all seem to bewoven as a patch, against black background, on both front and backcovers. 28 pages, 12" x 12" (LP shaped), inside front cover features photo of band in a large "Woody" station wagon with their instruments on top (trumpet player is playing his horn out the window) on inside covers with brown logo and peach colored background and a cursive typeset list of the band members, list of songs (11 of them) and a small text area - Inside back covers features 8 photos of band members on stage with their instruments along with 6 more stage photos, most of which include several band members in their tuxedo outfits, peach colored band logo,dark brown and white photos. Interior features more photos of the individual members and band stage views along with lyrics & music forthe tunes from the LP. Some general wear on covers (black background worn a bit, corner bends and dings) with an unobtrusive "warp" (probably from being humidified at one point without being discolored). Not a bad copy overall - Ultra Mega Rare - Nice B Condition - 35.00



MOODY BLUES / CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY / FRUMIOUS BANDERSNATCH -November 21 through 24, 1968 at Fillmore West - First Printing concert handbill printed as a postcard ("Place Stamp Here" box printed onreverse side) - 4 39/64" x 7 1/32" (approximate size) - BG-146-PC-A inthe Fillmore series - Shades of green, blue, yellow and black artwork byRick Griffin & Alton Kelley features a product logo character named"Peter Pain" who was created to advertise a "Ben Gay" product, used to relieve muscle aches - Pinhole per corner - Pristine B+ shape - 18.00 -Also have the calendar of events backside version of this card (also a First printing concert handbill on card stock, having been printed prior to the concert date) - Inquire for Availability / Price



BG-136-OP-1 BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING CO. - SANTANA - CHICAGO TRANSITAUTHORITY - Sept 12-14, 1968 Bill Graham Presents at Fillmore West -First / Only printing concert poster - 14 164" x 22 3/64" (approximate size) - Features infamous artwork known as the "Heart & Torch" and is the epitome of Rick Griffin's psychedelic concert poster zenith! -Uncommon to Rare - Pristine A / A- copy - Inquire for availability /current price Also have a Pristine copy of the postcard / handbill produced for this event, which features the same artwork, etc. - Inquire for Availability/ Current Price



CHICAGO / GUESS WHO / SEALS AND CROFT - Jan 8, 9 & 10, 1970 at the Fillmore West - BG-211-PC-A in the Bill Graham / Fillmore series - First Printing handbill printed on card stock with upcoming calendar of events printed on backside (AD BACK card) - 4 21/32" x 7 9/64"- Full color David Singer collage / artwork features a human hand holding a triple decker ice cream cone in front of an American flag against an abstract design background - Upcoming concerts listed on backside coming events calendar includes: B.B. King, Allman Bros., Buddy Guy, Laura Nyro, TheBand, Albert King, Savoy Brown, Country Joe and the Fish, Ten Wheel Drive as well as the Chicago dates with Guess Who and Seals & Croft - Frontside has some light wear in the dark blue field which surrounds the central image area with some of the blue having rubbed off into the white margin, two slightly rounded corners (upper right corner andlower right corner) - Rare - Beautiful B / B+ to B+ shape - Inquire for Current Price / Availability

* Add $22.00 to $27.00 for shipping on an order of poster(s) (with or without handbills) for Priority Mail / Insurance / Strong tube / quality protective care packing / post office mailing / etc. - Call for a Priority Mail quote for your location.

* Add $25.00 for Registered Priority Mail / Insured delivery (Includes sturdy condition protecting packing / Strong Tube etc.

* Add $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day delivery (Quicker, more predictable these days!) - Call for UPS Shipping Charges, which are changing due to shifting fuel surcharges.

* Add $11.75 for an order of handbill(s), or other non-poster items, or $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day Air delivery (more predictable delivery time) - Please call for UPS quote to your location.

* Foreign Orders, Alaska and Hawaii - Please call for a shipping quote / rate to your location.


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