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THE BEATLES - YELLOW SUBMARINE - Signet Paperback Book Q-3632 - First printing, 1968 - 128 Glorious Full-Color Pages - Cover is split a bit at the top and bottom spine (5/16" at each location), front and back covers have a little wear - Beautiful B / B+ to B+ copy! - 25.00



THE BEATLES - GOLDMINE MAGAZINE - Vol. 20 #24 - Nov 25, 1994 - Features full color cover of the group in their early days as well as interior articles: "The Hamburg Days", "A Collector's Guide to the Coolest Beatles Stuff" and "Solo Beatles in 1974" with plenty of black and white photos, etc. - Subscription copy in Beautiful B+ condition - 15.00



THE BEATLES - By Jim Phillips - 1993 - First / Only printing handbill on card stock - 4 11/16" x 7 13/16" - Black printing on white card features great illustration of the four Beatles faces inside psychedelic imagery, artwork by Jim Phillips (See THE ART OF ROCK for several examples of this craftsman's style and technique) - "THE BEATLES" appears above "ARE LOVE" --- below their faces "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" - Originally produced as a crosstown bus poster, the card advertises the sold out 2nd edition silkscreen poster - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A / A- Condition - 22.00



JOHN LENNON - AVANT GARDE MAGAZINE #11 - March, 1970 - JOHN LENNON'S EROTIC LITHOGRAPHS - Original subscription copy with butcher paper wrap and address label - 10 7/8" x 11 5/32" - Features entire front cover article title "John Lennon's Erotic Lithographs" (typeset in white against the red background) with small black illustration from the lithograph series by John Lennon, along with 6 page article entitled: "Wedded Bliss: The Erotic Lithographs of John Lennon" - 5 pages of black and white erotic illustrations, 1 short page of text - Also features full page Dylan photo / ad - Gustav Klimt article features several color plates - Light aging visible at edge of magazine - Poorly distributed due to controversial content, etc. - Ultra Rare - Beautiful B+ condition - 75.00



JOHN LENNON - IMAGINE - October 13, 1971 - 93 / KHJ (Los Angeles Radio Station) THIRTY listing - First / Only printing - 3 7/32" x 12" - Black and white photo of John appears above Top 30 listing for the week - UNfolded copy - Most all copies were folded horizontally at the center for distribution on record store counters, etc. - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A- condition - 175.00



JOHN LENNON - RAMPARTS MAGAZINE - 1967 - At the time of posting, I could not locate this item, featuring John Lennon on the cover and interior story regarding anti-war issues - Inquire for details --



PAUL MCCARTNEY - TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC - First / Only printing promotional poster, 1990 - 30 1/8" x 20" - Features photo of McCartney playing guitar with pure and background and white lettering in foreground - Rare - Pristine A- / B+ to A- condition - 50.00



PAUL MCCARTNEY - THE PAUL MCCARTNEY WORLD TOUR - Thurs, March 29, 1990 at the Seattle Kingdome - 1 31/32" x 3 11/32" - 3/4 ticket, computer printed black information on shades of blue and white ticket stock, stub at right side neatly removed along perforation - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A- condition - 35.00



RINGO STARR - IT DON'T COME EASY - April 21, 1971 - 93 / KHJ (Los Angeles Radio Station) BOSS 30 listing - First / Only printing - 3 7/32" x 12" - Ringo's tune was number 30 on the charts that week - Features black and white photo of Ringo at top of Top 30 listing - UNfolded copy - Most all copies were folded horizontally across the middle for distribution on record store counters, etc. - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A / A- to A- condition - 50.00



THE ROLLING STONES - THE BEATLES - January 22, 1975 Movie Opening handbill for the Backstage Theater in Portland, Oregon - 8 1 / 2" x 9 13 / 16" - First / Only printing promotional movie handbill - Black gestetner printing on white paper - Rolling Stones movie "GET YOUR ROCKS OFF", opening with The BEATLES "....At Shay Stadium" - Features small illustration of the quartet's faces with their names appearing in typeset lettering below, larger contrast photo of Mick Jagger - I picked up a small stash of this handbill several years ago from the original advertising agency that handled printing and distribution of the flyer - Ultra Rare - Pristine A / A- to A- condition! - while they last! - 75.00 each

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* Add $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day delivery (Quicker, more predictable these days!) - Call for UPS Shipping Charges, which are changing due to shifting fuel surcharges.

* Add $11.75 for an order of handbill(s), or other non-poster items, or $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day Air delivery (more predictable delivery time) - Please call for UPS quote to your location.

* Foreign Orders, Alaska and Hawaii - Please call for a shipping quote / rate to your location.


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