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A Few of the Really Incredibly Great Sites on The Web
Everything you wanted to know about posters ...and more.

Bud Plant's Illustrated Books - Illustrator Biographies
Index of Fantasy and Science Fiction artists, short bios, further resource links — Maintained by Jim Vadeboncour, Jr., an original co-publisher of Promeathean Enterprises and veteran multi-decade partner of Bud Plant's Illustrated Books

"...offers a unique selection of rock, blues and alternative concert posters and more."

The Rock Poster Society

The Collector's Guide to Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters, Postcards and Handbills 1965-1973 by Eric King

The Captain Beefheart Radar Station

::::Visit pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK::::
aka tHe hEaVen aCCiDent at

A dark corner of the void dedicated to Psychedelia,Acid Rock, Progressive Rock, Garage Bands, 60's Punk, Freakbeat, wig-lifting rarities, books, posters, lightshows and other STRANGE items related to pSycheDelic music.

RICK GRIFFIN Interviewed by Denis Wheary (former head hunter and Environmental Devourer about town) , from The Comics Journal, November 1974, issue #257 (only part of the interview is posted on the site, you have to buy a back issue to read the whole thing) - Absolutely essential reading / surfing for all would be Griffin fantatics, living or dead:

Rick Griffin MegaMonster Site! - Griffin Enthusiasts oughtta surf on into Tim Stephenson's full color "MegaGriff" Rick Griffin site at:

ROB BROWN ARTWORK - The beginning of a very deep site which will eventually include a retrospectacle / plethora of creative, imaginative, fantastic, whimsical / mirthful fantasy art, mythic illustrations, 60s Berkeley Barb covers, Yellow Dog Comics, Promethean Enterprises illos, ISIS LP cover, 70s concert poster art etc. including the currently posted full color scans of a myriad of 68 different Dragon paintings from seven years of his annual DRAGONS calendar woven together into an NEW illusrated hardbound book "Dragon World" (BrownTrout Publishers, July 2005)

Scott McDougall's Illustration Site - This infamous Seattle poster artist has recently overhauled his site to include some of his recent ocean surf / wave paintings - A mega-gargantuan variety of subjects, styles and skilled modern graphic tool useage:

PACIFIC NORTHWEST BANDS - Almost an infinite microcosm of Pacific Northwest Band lists, bios, photos, etc. from the 50s to this moment in time:

LEAD PIPE POSTERS - A variety of 60s / 70s etc. posters for sale:

John & Annie's Led Zeppelin webpage

Paul Getchell's 1960's Rock and Roll Posters, Handbills, and Memorabilia

Bob Masse's Rock Posters

Seventh Wave Emporium of Hawaii

FlashBackSixties - Directory of Posters

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