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THE LIVES AND TIMES OF CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - August 1977 book / booklet printed in a limited run of 1000 copies - Conceived and Edited by John Muir - Printed by Babylon Books in England (?, price is 95 p) - 6 27/32" x 9 3/4" - Softbound, 68 pages (including covers) - Black and white throughout, excepting the magenta and dark blue on the front cover - Lots of photos of the Captain, members of his bands, Zappa, etc. along with interviews, lyrics, articles, etc. - Ultra Mega Rare in this original edition - Pristine A- shape - Inquire for Availability / Current Price



LOVE - CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND - BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY - May 20-22, 1966 at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco (Family Dog presents, FD-9-3 in the series) - Third Printing poster, printed in the late 60's within a year or two of the show - 14 1/8" x 20 1/2" - Clean pinhole at one corner bend at upper left corner, a few other general light, small, hard to see bends (visible from backside) three tiny, clean rips at left edge - Really not a bad copy at all, frameable as is! - Fairly Common - Beautiful B / B+ to B+ copy - 25.00



BLUE CHEER - CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND - YOUNGBLOODS - July 20-23, 1967 at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco (Family Dog presents, FD-73-OPC-B in the Avalon postcard series) - 5" x 7 1/32" - Bulk rate back postcard - Engraving (from 1869), in blue and white, of a bearded man leaning against a wall, eyes closed, in a restful daze, wearing ancient looking clothing surrounded by orange psychedelic lettering by Tom Glass (aka Ned Lamont) - Ultra Mega Rare variant - Pristine A / A- condition - 35.00



DOORS - LOTHAR AND THE HAND PEOPLE - CAPTAIN BEEFEART & HIS MAGIC BAND - September 29 & 30, 1967 at the Avalon Ballroom - Second Printing concert poster - 13 31/32" x 19 15/16" - FD-84-RP-2 in the Family Dog concert poster series - Artwork by Bob Schepf features brilliant full color blaze of yellow, orange, red, blue and green illuminating a negative image of several women with long gowns rejoicing, playing musical instruments & dancing as they walkup and down a small hill - See the ART OF ROCK for a full color image of this poster artwork - Very minor blemish (roughened paper surface, not a bend or wrinkle) where someone successfully "erased" the colored printing defect "dot" in the white area (impossible to see until you are looking very close to the poster surface), upper right and upper left hand corner on backside have a small bit of mounting tape - Minor small "bump" blemish at lower right bottom edge (barely visible even when looking very closely near the surface of the paper) - Frameable as is! - Pristine A- / B+ to B+ condition - Inquire for Current Price / Availability




& Sat, Sept 18 & 19, 1970 at Pepperland in San Rafael, California - First / Only printing concert poster - 12 15/16" x 20 1/16" - Red, green, blue and shades of purple - Features young girls in can can clothing in back of large rabbit - SIGNED in removeable white crayon by the artist, Mark Behrens - Ultra Rare - Pristine A- shape - Inquire for Availability / Price



CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND - PORTABLE PEOPLE - Oct 28, 1972 at Crawford Hall, University of California at Davis, California - First printing concert poster - 14" x 20" - Features mega-kewl Rick Griffin artwork (one of his most noted works) in blazing split fountain colors - See Page 372, plate 4.125 in "The Art of Rock" book by Paul Grushkin, for full color image - Ultra Rare - Pristine A / A- to A- condition (thick white stock version) - Inquire for availability - I also have a copy of the thinner, light yellow stock version in Pristine A / A- to A- shape and a Pristine A- / B+ copy - Inquire for availability / current price

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CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND - LOADING ZONE - June 25, 1971 at the Paramount in Portland, Oregon - First/Only printing paper handbill printed on thin, slick paper - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" - Tight line illustration by Bruce Sorenson features a Trout masked gent in suit and illustration of winged figure playing guitar - Split fountain colors grading orange at top through blue to green, black and white illustrations - I've only seen two copies in the 9+ years I spent hunting concert posters and handbills in the Portland area - Ultra Mega Rare - Pristine A- / B+ condition - Inquire for Availability / Current Price

* Add $22.00 to $27.00 for shipping on an order of poster(s) (with or without handbills) for Priority Mail / Insurance / Strong tube / quality protective care packing / post office mailing / etc. - Call for a Priority Mail quote for your location.

* Add $25.00 for Registered Priority Mail / Insured delivery (Includes sturdy condition protecting packing / Strong Tube etc.

* Add $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day delivery (Quicker, more predictable these days!) - Call for UPS Shipping Charges, which are changing due to shifting fuel surcharges.

* Add $11.75 for an order of handbill(s), or other non-poster items, or $25.00 to $35.00 for UPS Blue / 2nd Day Air delivery (more predictable delivery time) - Please call for UPS quote to your location.

* Foreign Orders, Alaska and Hawaii - Please call for a shipping quote / rate to your location.


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